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Touchless Vending

Hey, it's 2022, and the future is here! Meet Vend Box’s Hygienic Digital Vend Touchless technology.

We’ve transformed our vending machines in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, using new technology in our touchless models to deliver a completely sterile solution.

Vend with complete confidence using our touchless technology.

All you need is your phone. No cash is required. Vend Box Touchless.


Stage 1

We’ve introduced touchless technology across all of our new machines, for the benefit of our customers.

All you do is open your phone camera, and point it at the screen, upon which you’re taken to a website which allowing you to take charge of the machine. Now you can choose products, make your selections and checkout.

This ground breaking technology even takes away the need for an app, and provides instant control.

Stage 2

Detailed information on hand. You are able to find out a wealth of information about each product, discover any allergens, make informed decisions and put whatever you choose in your basket. All from your phone, with Vend Box Touchless.

Not only that, but you can even apply promo codes, coupons and vouchers to receive discounts on your choices – a new experience on a vending machine!

Then just review your basket and process your payment directly from the screen on your mobile phone.

Stage 3

We even provide flexibility with the payment options. Choose to pay using your contactless card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or by using the website on your phone.

Again, no need to touch the machine, with a lightning fast interaction between machine and phone to ensure your purchase is completed quickly and easily.

Touchless vending machines AND completely cashless payments. Game. Changer.

We want to lead the way in reducing the need for cash. No need to handle dirty coins or notes any more, especially with the new UK limit of £45 for cashless payments, and up to €100 in some parts of Europe.

Even having to input a PIN to use your card is history. From beginning to end, our VEND BOX machines provide a completely touchless experience. Your phone and your card. That’s it.

On Mobile


Anti-microbial Touch Screens

On our touch screen machines we have introduced super hygienic anti-microbial screen surfaces, to provide continuous defence against germs, for your protection.

These hygienic screens can be easily fitted to existing machines, and will last as long as the machine does. Efficient, and reliably clean.

Computerised product retrieval flap

Digital Vend Box machines provide simplicity of use with our Computerised product retrieval flaps, ensuring you have no need to touch the dispatch area when retrieving your purchases.

Once your order is complete, the retrieval flap automatically opens, allowing you to retrieve your items, and then closes once you’ve got them. Combine this with our ordering process and you’ve got a completely touchless solution from beginning to end.

UV-C Sterilisation of Dispensing Module

Your only possible contact with a part of the machine is when collecting your product from the dispensing module. Our solution is a UV-C sterilisation system that completely sterilises the dispensing module after the order is complete. This kills all traces of bacteria, and guarantees a completely sanitized unit every time.

Built-In Hand Sanitiser

As a further benefit to customers, we also provide the option of adapting any of our machines to include an integrated hand sanitiser.

This allows for thorough sterilisation of your hands at the end of the purchasing process. Peace of mind. Guaranteed.