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The Vend Box Opportunity

A commercial opportunity

For potential operators, the requirements are basic: a secure power supply and a suitable and secure location – for instance inside a shopping mall, or rail/bus station, where there is constantly changing footfall and people looking for a quick purchase of something good to eat or drink.

As Shola Lawrence, Managing Director of The Vend Box Ltd explains, ‘The Vend Box gives operators the opportunity to select the food and drink items on sale and, better, to change the selection according to sales volumes or local preferences. So, if a new product comes along, you can program the machine to include it alongside other best-sellers.’

‘In addition’, Shola says, ‘the machine can send you an alert via an online portal of items going out of stock, enabling you to replenish without incurring major delays. This also helps with stock control, so you can optimise re-ordering of popular items and perhaps replacing those that don’t sell so well.’


Now, innovations from The Vend Box allow you to not only tap into, but disrupt this massive industry!

The Vend Box brings all of these together to create one fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to get in on the ground floor of the Self-Service revolution!

The Vend Box is available either for outright purchase or on a leasing agreement.



Contact us for further information about The Vend Box, how to become an operator, and special deals.