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The Vend Box

I’m Not Your Average Vending Machine…Yeah! I’m Sort of a Big Deal.

Vending machines are changing dramatically. We’re leading the way with The Vend Box, which brings reliability and flexibility to this ever-growing market. Gone are the days when your average vending machine would offer only sweets, crisps, and soft drinks. In our fast-paced world, where people want more and more convenience, the Smart Vend Box's design offers the possibility of providing a vast array of products tailored to the needs of busy consumers.

This means that you can sell anything from clothing, jewellery, books, toys, and maps, to sandwiches, salads, soups, drinks, and snack items – as well as being able to dispense common everyday staples, such as milk, eggs, and bread. The list is endless! This is made possible by the machine's high capacity and conveyor belt delivery system, ensuring that no product is 'dropped' on delivery. As a result, the Smart Vend Box finally brings retailers a truly versatile vending solution at a low cost, allowing you to provide consumers with a much wider choice of products.

These features make it a highly desirable automated solution that offers enormous profit potential. The Smart Vend Box takes payment by cash, credit or debit card, PayPass, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay, in line with our other products.

  • Capacitive 46” - 50" touchscreen displays rich media and provides an interactive UI.
  • Easily adjustable conveyor belts, customised for your products
  • Elevator Vend Boxes - your products do not fall
  • Automatic delivery door with locking mechanism
  • Our Interactive Vending Platform (IVP) is powered by our unique vending machine operating system
  • Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi, cellular or Ethernet
  • Cloud-based IVMS™ (Interactive Vending Management System) portal allows for convenient, remote management of products, pricing, planogram, media, promotions and content.
  • Real-time reporting of inventory status/stock, machine diagnostics, exact change mode, bill jams
  • Payment options include credit card, mobile wallet apps, Near Field Communications (NFC), stored-value gift or debit cards, RFID, and traditional coins and bills.
  • Products display in 3D and rotate 360 degrees so that customers can fully experience the product.
  • Display allows customers to read the contents/nutrition information, and search for products by category
  • Display promotional bar codes, QR codes. and loyalty programs.
  • Optical scanners read coupons from phones
  • Speaker to complement full motion video
  • Multi-tiered and timed level of alerts and notifications
  • Powerful reporting and data analytics
  • Agency-friendly API allows owners to create custom apps and user experiences.

Alternatively, we can design Vend Boxes from the ground up.