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About Us

An exciting and innovative retail opportunity

Think about that time you wanted something nice to eat or drink whilst perhaps waiting for a train to arrive. The nearest vending machine offers you a range of chocolate bars, perhaps a bag of salted peanuts if you’re lucky, and an assortment of carbonated beverages and bottles of spring water.

Wouldn’t it be good to be able to buy something just a little bit different and a little bit more appealing and, dare we suggest, a little bit healthier? How about gourmet popcorn? Or some muesli-based snack bars? And some coconut water, or fruit juice, to drink?

Wouldn’t it also be good if you could purchase without having to find the right money – either by contactless debit card or via your mobile, as well as cash?

Well, now you can do all that, and more, with The Vend Box, an interactive, touch-screen driven vending machine.

Key Features

The Vend Box is a next-generation vending machine that can be programmed by operators to deliver a variety of food and drink items – for instance, according to local tastes. Customers simply select what they want from the items available using the touchscreen on the machine’s front panel, and then pay by cash, contactless debit card or mobile.

As well as offering different snack and drinks, a key feature of The Vend Box is the availability on-screen of full product information so that customers can check lists of ingredients before purchasing – highly important for those with allergies or dislikes.