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Exciting Apps Displayed Right On the Vend Box!

By using the latest in multimedia and networking technology, The Vend Box provides more than just a way to dispense snacks!

The Vend Box’s built-in touchscreen allows for a multitude of interactive, rich media options.

Vending Screens

Use standard or create custom vending screens. Use multiple vending apps as desired, change screens on demand or schedule changes based on day of the week or time of day.

Powerful Digital Messaging

Run HD video or scrolling images of advertisements to generate revenue or promote your products or cause, display human resources messaging such as “HR forms due today” or “Company Picnic this Saturday” in an office environment.


Schedule short, 20 – 30 second pre- and post-vend games. For closed environments, have a leader board for friendly competition in an office space, school campus or anywhere – to create excitement.

Social Media

Display your Twitter feed across machines.


Assign discounts to two products sold for special promotions or to accelerate sales on about-to-expire items. Shopping cart for purchases with multiple items reduces credit card transaction fees.