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Features & Benefits of the Vend Box

Check Out All of the Amazing Things That The Vend Box Has to Offer!

  • Capacitive 46” touchscreen displays rich media and provides an interactive UI.
  • Our Interactive Vending Platform (IVP) is powered by our unique vending machine operating system.
  • Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi, cellular or Ethernet
  • Cloud-based IVMS™ (Interactive Vending Management System) portal allows for convenient, remote management of products, pricing, planogram, media, promotions and content.
  • Real-time reporting of inventory status/stock, machine diagnostics, exact change mode, bill jams.
  • Payment options include credit card, mobile wallet apps, Near Field Communications (NFC), stored-value gift or debit cards, RFID, and traditional coins and bills.
  • Products display in 3D and rotate 360 degrees so that customers can fully experience the product.
  • Display allows customers to read the contents/nutrition information, and search for products by category.
  • Display promotional bar codes, QR codes. and loyalty programs.
  • Optical scanners read coupons from phones.
  • Speaker to complement full motion video
  • Multi-tiered and timed level of alerts and notifications
  • Powerful reporting and data analytics.
  • Agency-friendly API allows owners to create custom apps and user experiences.